Our Advantage

Deal directly with us, the lender. Save time and money.

Houston hard money has been making real estate loans in Texas since 1977. Our loans are for investors who are either buying or refinancing.

  • Over 30 years of local lending, appraising and investor experience.
  • Deal directly with us - no broker and no broker fees.
  • Get funded quickly - we are ready when the title company is ready.
  • We loan up to 60% of the property value.
  • Your seller will take back a second mortgage? We're OK with that.

Houston hard money is a hard money mortgage lender based in Houston and serving clients throughout the state of Texas. The business model of the company is to provide professional service and quick mortgage closings. Because we are private lenders we can close non traditional loans , alternative loans, and unconventional mortgage loans. We lend to investors on residential properties and commercial properties for refinancing or debt consolidation, even for investors with bad credit.