Houston Hard Money Loans

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Houston hard money lending

Hard Money loans typically are calculated on a maximum of 60% of the current market value of the property or of the purchase price. Hard money mortgages or hard money loans can be used for residential homes, multi-family homes, commercial property, manufactured homes, or mobile homes. We provide Houston hard money loans for purchases and refinance in Houston.

Hard money loans are frequently not based on a borrower’s credit or financial worthiness, but on the value of the subject property. Hard money loans are also known as hard equity loans, non-conventional loans, non-traditional loans. private mortgages, or private loans. Usually a substantial down payment is required to make up for the level of risk to lenders.

A standard private lending transaction typically includes a promissory note, mortgage, title insurance and hazard insurance.

We at Birch Loans offer these hard money loans without broker fees. Houston hard money provide funding with days to our clients here in Houston. Our hard money loans provided here in Houston are the most beneficial to our clients and cheapest as here at hard money houston were are a direct lender and do not work with brokers.

Why we think that investing in Houston, Texas is smart.

What I would like to talk about today is we do get a lot of investors asking why they should come and invest in Houston. We would like to do is to tell you a little about Houston, Texas and why we think it’s a great time to buy property here. It is the fourth largest city in the country that happens to be the fastest growing city. When we say fast growing, we mean fast! I think one of the main reasons is this is where major companies from around the world have moved their headquarters or office of operations. For example, Exxon is opening up a 385 acre headquarter campus here. We believe it’s going to have roughly some fifteen thousand employees and potentially around another twenty thousand total secondary people moving to this area. We’ve noticed that they are adding freeways, widening roads, building schools, and building new houses just for this new construction.

We would also like to add is the Medical Center. This is one of the top Medical Centers in the world. It is also one of the top research centers for cancer in the world. They say that due to the size, it would be the 16th largest city in the US just at the medical center alone.

Next, there are two major airlines that have operations here. United Airlines, which is one of the largest in the world and Southwest Airlines. There are a lot of employees that work for the airlines who live locally. NASA is also here. There is a very large population of employees that live down in the south part of Houston and that makes up a large economy for that area.

Ofcourse, we think there are alot of reason’s to come here. It’s also one of the places in the US that you can come and buy property and still make money. The median average house price is about $145,000 in Houston. The next city to Houston is Chicago and that’s about a $385,000 median house price, then you have New York and Los Angeles. So We would say, compared to those other cities, we have a growing city. Things are definitely increasing and you are able to buy properties here and create cash flow. These are just a few of the reason we believe and invest in real estate in Houston Texas.